IGF 2020 Village Booth #1
FGI France


Bienvenue !

Welcome to the French IGF booth!

The booth is supported and co-organized by members of the Forum sur la gouvernance de l'internet France (FGI France).

Members of the French IGF include the French telecom regulator ARCEP, AFNIC, The French Digital Council CNNUM, Internet Society France, the think tank Renaissance numérique as well as Webforce3.

The booth aims at presenting a number of projects and initiatives (members and partners) as well as establish partnerships and engage participants at the IGF.

Forum sur la gouvernance de l'internet France

The French Internet Governance Forum 2020 is being held online.

  • The Opening Plenary was held on October 27th, along with a workshop on Internet Liability organized by the French registry AFNIC.
  • 6 workshops will be organized througout the year starting December 1st.