IGF 2020 Village Booth #25 ICC BASIS


The International Chamber of Commerce Business Action to Support the Information Society initiative (ICC BASIS) is the leading voice of business in the international dialogues on how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can better serve as engines of economic growth and social development and is the recognised business focal point in the post-WSIS activities.

Business, as a driver of innovation and by investing in the development of new technologies, has an essential role to play in realising the potential of the digital economy. Where facilitated by an enabling policy environment, such investment in digital development and in increasing the digital spread can deliver considerable economic and social benefits.

ICC BASIS is of the view that these goals are best achieved through the multi-stakeholder approach to developing policy. Legal and regulatory frameworks that benefit from input and cooperation of all stakeholders offer the most promising path to the benefits of connectivity and empowerment through technology and sustainable development.

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Where to find ICC BASIS at the IGF 2020?

  • ICC BASIS pre-event:From Principles to Practice: Artificial Intelligence and the Role of the Private Sector
  • ICC BASIS workshop: Global crises and socially responsible data responses

ICC BASIS and the four IGF 2020 themes

Read ICC reports and policy papers related to the four IGF 2020 themes: