Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative is a not-for-profit organization with network of lawyers across the Globe who practice in the broad sphere of digital rights including the litigious and non-litigious matters surrounding digital rights. Digital Rights are simply rights exercisable in the digital space. These rights include online expression, association, assembly, social and economic rights, data protection and privacy etc.

Our organization serves as a platform for professional engagement and national network for Digital Rights Lawyers.

We serve as a think tank for Digital Rights litigation lawyers.

We promote and encourage participation of our members in digital rights litigation.

We serve as an avenue to facilitate the defence and enforcement of digital rights.

We collaborate with other industry experts and organizations for emancipation of citizens especially towards the enjoyment and protection of digital rights generally.
Strategic litigation has proved to be very impactful in protecting digital rights the world over. At DRLI, we are still conducting strategic litigation across national courts in Nigeria and regional mechanisms on a wide range of subjects including but not limited to Cybercrime legislation, Criminal Defamation, Hate Speech, Social Media Regulation and Data Protection.
Media is not just only important for functionality of democracy but for the entire society as a whole. At DRLI, we have a huge commitment to media defence by way of putting up formidable defence in court for journalists and bloggers in courts across Nigeria. We explore strategic partnerships with international NGOs and international organizations with commitments in the areas of media defence.
As part of our core operational projects, we are committed to training lawyers and judicial officers in the core art of litigating and adjudicating digital rights cases across board. Digital Rights field is an emerging field and experts need to be adequately trained in order to sufficiently rise to the challenges that confront digital rights in a world that changes at the speed of light.
We engage digital rights lawyers and judicial officers on digital rights to review digital rights cases thereby deepening their skills towards attaining international best practices and highest professional standards in prosecuting digital rights cases and adjudicating them. For us at DRLI, Litigation Surgery is a strategic tool we deploy in this regard.