IGF 2020 Village Booth #71 Internet Protection Society


The Internet Protection Society (russian prononced OZI) is the only public organization that advocates for the rights of Internet users in Russia. We are not GONGO. We are truly a public organization.

OZI is an organization that fights for the freedom of the Internet through political means. Our goal is to make freedom on the Internet a subject of general political discussion. To convey to the wide circle of citizens the importance of these questions, and politicians to make them answer. We promote and promote the ideals and values ​​of a free and self-regulatory Internet. We know that the Internet is designed to solve any of its problems on the principles of self-regulation and does not need the control of state bodies. We want to extend this knowledge to as many people as possible. We conduct public campaigns, organize mass events and political pressure campaigns, and engage in informing and educating citizens. We act peacefully and legally.

At our booth, we would like to show the results of our work:

  1. Research in the field of rights and freedoms of Internet users in Russia. How Russian citizens use technical methods to circumvent political censorship on the Internet
  2. Research into the economic, political, and cultural consequences of government censorship of the Internet. The consequences of the actions of disconnecting the Internet at the request of the authorities
  3. We investigate cases of state manipulation of public opinion on the Internet and Russian media, Farm bots on social networks and the spread of fake news.

We would like to establish relations with organizations that are close to us in political, economic and cultural views.

The law of the sovereign Russian Internet was a year old. During this time, we spent several months in complete isolation, mastered remote work and Zoom, and all events finally moved online - and only on the front of the Runet protection from external threats, nothing has changed. A year ago, when a large international forum on Internet governance was still taking place offline, we visited it and asked IT specialists from other countries what they know about the Russian Internet and how they feel about the idea of isolating it from the rest of the world.