IGF 2020 WS #305 Internet fair play – do we need to regulate the web?


Organizer 1: Civil Society, Eastern European Group

Speaker 1: Aleksandra Chmielewska, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 2: Misiewicz Anna, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 3: Kownacki Rafał , Civil Society, Eastern European Group


Debate - Auditorium - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

why internet-related regulations are so important for the proper functioning of societies, for the development of culture, democracy and the economy?

The workshop will show how to combat fake news and the dishonest use of other people's work on the internet. Workshop participants will learn about the importance of proper internet regulation for society, the economy and the creative industry.


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-Being
GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities
GOAL 12: Responsible Production and Consumption
GOAL 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
GOAL 17: Partnerships for the Goals


Internet fair play – where does the need to regulate the internet come from?/Regulating the internet as a strategic public sector The internet has become a good that is as socially important as, for example, electricity or defence have been for years. Being, as such, a strategic resource, it must be regulated in some way. A lack of appropriate regulations and binding rules leads to violations of freedom, a threat to democracy, the intensification of fake news, and a lack of fair economic principles. The workshop would demonstrate the importance of internet-related regulations for the proper functioning of societies, for the development of culture, democracy and the economy.

Expected Outcomes

Making workshop participants aware of the importance of internet regulation in eliminating pathological threats online.

Prior to the workshop, the event will be notified to the relevant media, including social media. Following the workshop, a summary will be sent to selected journalists. The entire event will also be promoted through the organiser's online channels.

Relevance to Internet Governance: The workshop will demonstrate the great importance of the internet for modern societies, human rights and the reliable circulation of information.

Relevance to Theme: Confidence in the credibility of online content is the basis of a stable current and future society. This is because the internet has become the most important contemporary communication tool.

Online Participation

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