IGF 2021 at APrIGF

Monday, 27th September, 2021 (07:30 UTC)


Toward the innovative IGF 2021

Digitalisation and environmental policy: looking at key trends 

This workshop is part of a series of capacity development workshops which aim to foster stakeholder engagement between the IGF 2021 and various regions, as well as to build capacity in substantive issues the targeted region finds to be of a priority. It is implemented at the margins of the regional IGF for Asia Pacific (APrIGF).

Environmental sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of today. How does digital technologies relate to environment? Can they work for it or against it? This capacity development session will outline some of the key challenges and trends of the intersections of environment and digitalisation. It will reference to the work of the IGF 2021 Policy Network on Environment (PNE). The session outputs will feed into the work of the IGF 2021 issue area on environmental sustainability and climate change.

The discussion will take place on Monday 27 September at 07:30 UTC. 


  • IGF 2021 – ways of engagement ‎
  • What data has to do with ‎the environment?‎
  • Looking at some concrete ‎cases where data helps ‎environmental ‎sustainability
  • Multistakeholder digital cooperation for a sustainable environment
  • Open discussion between participants and speakers.‎ Possible matters to address could relate to how can stakeholders leverage the Internet and Internet governance processes ‎for working towards achieving sustainable development goals?‎
  • Concluding remarks from the ‎speakers reflecting on the ‎discussion ‎

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