IGF 2021 Call for Launches and Awards Proposals

These types of sessions serve to present and discuss Internet governance academic and/or research initiatives or ‎outputs such as research or think tank work, book launches and similar. Proposals should clearly ‎state the relevance to Internet governance and IGF’s thematic focus. Session content must adhere to ‎the UN Code of Conduct. This sessions type can also be suitable for award ceremonies. 

Stakeholder with demonstrated interest in Internet governance and which can outline Internet governance-related objective(s) to be achieved through the event are invited to submit requests for a session slot through the application e-form.  

These types of sessions should focus on Internet governance-pertinent activities and allow sufficient time for questions and discussions. In addition, they could link to the IGF 2021 focus areas

IGF 2021 Main focus areas 

IGF 2021 Emerging and cross-cutting issue areas 

The inclusion of a background documents with the session request is also possible. The standard duration for the session to choose from are 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. For other types of specific requests, please email the IGF Secretariat. 

Session support: Webcast: Yes | Transcription: No | Interpretation: No  

The deadline for requesting the slot at the 16th IGF is 26 May 2021, 23:59 UTC​.