IGF 2021 Day 0 Event #101 Internet - safety and development of children and young people - educational, social and legal consequences

Monday, 6th December, 2021 (11:00 UTC) - Monday, 6th December, 2021 (12:00 UTC)
Conference Room 4

Academy of Justice
Stakeholder: Academy of Justice Moderator: Prof. Janusz Tanaś, ACU, Melbourne, Australia; Rapporteur: Prof. Maciej Tanaś, Academy of Justice, Poland


Mrs. Marta Santos Pais (Secretary-General on Violence against Children - SRSG) Prof. Valeriy Yu. Bykov (National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine) Mr. and Mrs. Małgorzata and Adam Koniuszewski (Fundacja The Bridge)

Onsite Moderator
Prof. Janusz Tanaś, ACU, Melbourne, Australia
Online Moderator

Prof. Janusz Tanaś, ACU, Melbourne, Australia


Prof. Maciej Tanaś, Academy of Justice, Poland


Discussion panel(hybrid)


The Internet offers space for cognitive, and creative activity where pupils can socialize building communities and where at the same time exclusion, and destruction take place. Thus its use and further development require awareness and responsibility. Advancements of 4th industrial revolution with its modern technological offerings provide various civilization thresholds. The sudden and brutal social interruption created in recent months by COVID-19 pandemic raises global questions regarding our responsibilities towards one another, greater reflection and legislative and practical actions. Consequently allowing protection of future generations and at the same greater value creation benefiting generations to come.

The speeches of the panellists will be scheduled to highlight the differences in the positions expressed and to address the core issues of the discussion. Marta Santos Pais will speak on children's rights and violence against children in the world. Prof. Valeriy Yu. Bykov will put forward counter-arguments to the position on the negative role of information and communication technologies for human development. The CyberSecurity Challnege PL2020 and the position of the youth will be presented by Mr. and Mrs. Małgorzata and Adam Koniuszewski from Canada, authors and organizers of global campaigns for sustainable development, safety of children and youth in the digital world and many others. After the panel, we anticipate a discussion. It is planned to invite representatives of The Committee of Pedagogical Sciences (KNP PAN) and a number of the following discussants: Prof. Manfred Spitzer; Prof. Gerald Hüther; Gen. Dr. Marcin Strzelec; Prof. Joachim Bauer; Prof. Maciej Liśkiewicz; Prof. Alexander Spivakovsky; Dr. Vadim Ermolayev; Prof. Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska; Prof. Stanisław Juszczyk; Prof. Katarzyna Borawska-Kalbarczyk; Prof. Dr. Jakub Czarkowski; Prof. Piotr Drzewiecki; Prof. Barbara Galas; Prof. Agnieszka Iwanicka; Prof. Małgorzata Makiewicz; Rev. Adam Klichowski; Prof. Beata Nowak; Prof. Jacek Pyżalski; Prof. Lidia Pokrzycka; Prof. Katarzyna Potyrała; Prof. Grzegorz Ptaszek; Prof. Dorota Siemieniecka; Prof. Maciej Tanaś; Prof. Paweł Topol; Prof. Wojciech Walat and others. Panelists' speeches, as well as the best papers delivered by speakers in the discussion (submitting a topic and sending an abstract) will be printed in a monograph edited by Prof. Maciej Tanaś.