IGF 2021 Lightning Talk #69 Measuring Internet Resilience and Shutdowns: An overview of Internet Society's Pulse platform

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (08:00 UTC) - Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (08:30 UTC)
Conference Room 3

Internet Society
Hanna Kreitem, Internet Society, Civil Society, MENA Mat Ford, Internet Society, Civil Society, Europe Susannah Gray, Internet Society, Civil Society, Europe Kenneth Olmstead, Internet Society, Civil Society, USA


Hanna Kreitem, Internet Society, Civil Society, MENA Mat Ford, Internet Society, Civil Society, Europe

Online Moderator

Susannah Gray


Kenneth Olmstead


Presentation and interview with focus area leads of Internet Society Pulse followed by open discussion.

Duration (minutes)



At the Internet Society, we believe that the Internet is for everyone. Our work centers on increasing the Internet’s reach, reliability and resilience, as well as ensuring that the Internet remains open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy. But how do we assess whether our efforts – and the efforts of other Internet Industry organizations that facilitate the smooth functioning of the Internet – are working? 

There are many people, projects and organizations that are collecting data on various facets of the Internet, but there’s currently no single site that provides a curated set of information. So, to help everyone gain deeper, data-driven insight into the health, evolution and availability of the Internet, we are building Internet Society Pulse.

This session will offer an overview of the Pulse platform and the Internet Society's efforts to document and reflect on the harms of Internet Shutdowns, which include diminished trust in local Internet ecosystems and damage to the economy. The session will also outline how the team is measuring Internet resilience in Africa as well as how it is measuring the adoption of technologies that enable the Internet to keep growing, evolving and meeting the changing expectations of users.

Relevant issue areas:  Economic and social inclusion and human rights - and specifically policy questions related to "Inclusion, rights and stakeholder roles and responsibilities" Trust, security, stability - and specifically policy questions related to "Cybersecurity practices and mechanisms"

Related resources: Internet Society Pulse https://pulse.internetsociety.org/

We will work with the set up provided by the IGF. Our moderator will ensure equal participation from online and onsite participants during the Q&A session.  We will adapt our session to use whatever tools/platforms the IGF provides to increase participation and interaction.

Key Takeaways (* deadline 2 hours after session)

This short session offered a brief overview of the Internet Society Pulse platform and the data presented on it. The Internet Society Internet Resilience Index can help show how robust a country's Internet offering is and the data presented can help national policy makers and service providers to resolve problems and gaps in connectivity.

The Internet Society Pulse platform's curated archive of data on shutdown events creates more transparency around artificial disruptions of Internet acess. The data and information presented on Internet Society Pulse can help stakeholders assess the impact of disruptions and they help to promote accountability. 

Call to Action (* deadline 2 hours after session)

Use Internet measurement data to inform policymakers and other stakeholders about the state of the Internet and the effects caused by shutting down or disrupting access.