IGF 2021 Village Booth #39
Centre for Communication Governance


We plan to use the booth to showcase our research and projects on various aspects of technology law and policy. The Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi is the only academic research centre on technology law and policy in India. It seeks to embed human rights, constitutional rights and good governance within information policy and examine the evolution of existing rights frameworks to accommodate new media and emerging technology. CCG’s work primarily focuses on exploring aspects of information and tech law and policy from the lens of the global south. We will be showcasing the following projects

- Privacy Law Library - The Privacy Law Library is a database that tracks privacy jurisprudence globally in order to help researchers and other interested stakeholders learn more about privacy regulation and evolving case law. The PLL contains privacy jurisprudence from nine countries around the world with a mix of emerging economies, developing and developed countries –India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, USA, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Europe (ECJ and ECtHR). Accessible at https://privacylibrary.ccgnlud.org/about

- Teaching and Learning Resources - The Teaching and Learning resources or the TLR project aims to build capacity and elevate the general discourse of topics such as Privacy, Data Protection, Internet Shutdowns, Intermediary Liability, Misinformation and Disinformation etc. They provide curated research oriented modules on contemporary topics of information law and policy which can be used by students, professionals, and academics to keep abreast with literature on these issues. At present, we have 21 modules in total - we are working on continuing to update and add to the existing resources. Accessible at https://ccgdelhi.org/learning-resource

- The Future of Democracy in the Shadow of Big and Emerging Tech: The Future of Democracy in the Shadow of Big and Emerging Tech is an edited volume of seven essays written and edited by experts who work at the intersection of law, society and technology. The essay series is our attempt to examine and deconstruct the issues arising in the context of dangers posed by ‘Big Tech’ to democracy generally and civil rights specifically from the perspective of the global south. Accessible at https://ccgdelhi.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/the-future-of-demo…

- Privacy and Data Protection: We will display our toolkit, developed in conjunction with UNDP which provides a regional comparison of data protection frameworks from across the world. This includes data protection regimes like the GDPR, and Convention 108+ but also includes regimes from the global south such as from ASEAN, the African Union and the Caribbean. This toolkit is designed to help policy makers and interested stakeholders from around the world understand the global conversation around data protection and equip them to frame effective data protection legislation.

We also plan to have open discussions and an interactive quiz on various topics of internet governance like net neutrality, internet access etc. We will rank the winners by points on a leadership board which will be displayed on our booth.