IGF 2021 Village Booth #45
Young Lawyers Network Azerbaijan


Since it is the first time for the Young Lawyers Network to appear in such an enormous event on internet governance, we are planning to present short and informative video presentations about the Network and its projects in Azerbaijan so far. Although the activities of the Network are not only focused on internet-related issues, we are planning to showcase the events organized by our Network at the local level related to internet governance. Among these events, Wiki Camp on Data Protection, several workshops on Cybersecurity, Freedom of Expression on the Internet led by young and prominent lawyers in Azerbaijan will be our focal points. In addition, informal presentations like online games, trivia followed by symbolic gifts from Azerbaijan will hopefully help engage the community better with the profile of the Young Lawyers Network Azerbaijan.

We believe that Azerbaijani organizations that work in the field of internet governance to various extents are usually absent from the Internet Governance Forum; we aim to stop this tendency and promote the Young Lawyers Network as a potential future partner for regional and international organizations.