IGF 2021 Village Booth #55
Pirate Parties International Headquarters


We would like to display an example of the use of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that our organization is developing. A DAO is a blockchain-based organization that is transparent, permanent, and not controlled by a central authority. Members can present proposals and vote on them. Most DAOs are organized by non-profit institutions. Many of them utilize tokens with financial value. However, some governance DAOs, such as our own, utilize a governance token that has no financial value and is merely used by members to validate votes on proposals. We will provide examples for how PPI is using a DAO, and how other organizations can use a DAO. We will also discuss other online blockchain governance mechanisms for group decision making, crowdfunding, and promoting causes that the organizations' members would like to support. Different methods for implementing a DAO and governance mechanisms will be discussed, including both an overview of different types of blockchain governance mechanisms that are currently being used and a discussion of new methods that we would like to develop.

The IGF booth will provide us with an opportunity to meet individuals and organizations who are interested in online governance and to network them with activists from the Pirate movement to create opportunities and explore project ideas.