IGF 2022 BPF Cybersecurity

Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (06:30 UTC) - Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (08:00 UTC)
About this Session


The Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity  is an IGF intersessional activitiy. Building on the so far work (see details on the BPF webpage), the goal of the 2022 BPF on Cybersecurity is to continue identifying further cybersecurity initiatives, bring the voices of those most affected by cybersecurity events forward, and to analyze the complex interplay between norms and cybercrime legislation.  

draft session agenda

1. Introduction to the BPF on Cybersecurity

2. Introduction to the 2022 BPF work

3. Overview of workstream activities and findings

3.1 Workstream 1 “Agreements”

  • New agreements and Emergence of ransomeware
  • Understanding the space of normative agreements
  • draft BPF output "Mapping international cyber norm agreements" - download

3.2. Workstream 2 “Events”

  • Storybanking to understand incidents and lifting up voices of participants
  • draft BPF output "Exploring  historic cybersecurity events"download

3.3. Workstream 3 “Outreach”

  • Update on BPF external engagement and outreach opportunities 

4. Cybersecurity versus Cybercrime

5. Panel discussion to integrate findings of this year’s BPF activities

6. Closing