IGF 2022 DC Sessions

Below are the Dynamic Coalition (DC) sessions included in the final IGF 2022 programme
Please see here for a list of all DC session proposals received. 


Dynamic Coalition Title

DC Main Session 

IGF 2022 DC Main Session: Our Digital Future: How Dynamic Coalitions Support the Global Digital Compact

Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition

IGF 2022 IS3C General Meeting: Recommendations to Make the Internet More Secure and Safer

Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies

IGF 2022 DC-Blockchain: Model Law on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Dynamic Coalition on Environment

IGF 2022 DC-Environment: Internet & the Environment: Beyond Connectivity

Dynamic Coalition on Children's Rights in the Digital Environment

IGF 2022 DCCOS: Translating data & laws into action for digital child rights

Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity

IGF 2022 DC3: Community Networks as Human Rights Enablers

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

IGF 2022 DC-CIV: Geopolitical neutrality of the Global Internet

Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

IGF 2022 DC-DT: Fact-Checking the DNS: Towards Evidence-Based Policy-Making

Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

IGF 2022 DC-DDHT: Community Connection to Ehealth, Telemedicine & MIoT

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

IGF 2022 DC-Gender: Who's Watching the Machines?New Tech, Gender, Race & Sexuality

Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs

IGF 2022 DC-Jobs: Responsible Internet Usage

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles

IGF 2022 IRPC: Access & Participation as Enablers of Digital Human Rights

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality Indicators

IGF 2022 DC-IUI: Strengthening Digital Ecosystems through Shared Principles

Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

IGF 2022 DCNN: Internet Openness Formula: Interoperability + Device + Net

Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

IGF 2022 DCPR: Platform Responsibilities in Times of Conflict

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

IGF 2022 DC-PAL: Towards User-Centred Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

IGF 2022 DC-SIG: Role of Schools of IG in sustaining efforts to support SDGs

Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy

IGF 2022 DC-SIDS: A Global Platform for SIDS Collaboration: The 1st SIDS IGF

Dynamic Coalition on the Sustainability of Journalism and News Media

IGF 2022 DC-Sustainability: Unbreaking the News: Media Sustainability in the Digital Age

Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

IGF 2022 YCIG: Road to Future IGFs