IGF 2022 Policy Network on Meaningful Access

Building on its so far work, the PNMA will continue providing an in-depth look at why achieving meaningful and universal Internet access remains ‎so challenging, in spite of years of efforts by policy makers and other actors from all stakeholder ‎groups. It will assess and gather good practices and policy recommendations already discussed at the ‎IGF; identify what the key barriers are to these not being implemented and facilitate networking ‎among actors from all stakeholder groups that are concerned with the topic. ‎It will further provide linkages between the existing efforts and the many stakeholders in the IGF who are ‎undertaking related efforts, as well as create opportunities for the voices of those who are affected by ‎the lack of meaningful access to be part of policy debate and development.‎

In particular, the focus of the IGF 2022 Policy Network on Meaningful Access is on the three overarching thematic work-streams:

  • Connectivity (infrastructure and business models)
  • Digital Inclusion (accessibility and multilingualism)
  • Capacity Development (technical skills training)

The PNMA work is facilitated by a dedicated PNMA multistakeholder working group of experts (MWG). The community engagement is facilitated through a dedicated mailing list. All interested stakeholders are most welcome to subscribe to the list through this link.



  • Read more about PNMA 2021 work and outputs as the foundation for this year's work.




"We have come a long way with local, national and global efforts towards universal connectivity and meaningful access, from a wide number of organizations across all stakeholder groups. However, the implementation of policies around meaningful access remains challenging. Therefore, the PNMA MWG has decided not to concentrate its work on mapping or definition tracks since it is already covered in other fora. We will build on this work from a number of current and past efforts. The MWG agreed to explore concrete actions the members of the PNMA could support so that the main outcome of the PNMA is not only a set of recommendations."

(Statement of IGF 2021 PNMA Multistakeholder Working Group)


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