Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative is a pan-African organization with presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya with his headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a leading organization that works to protect rights of people through Litigation, Advocacy, Research and Training. In our village booths, we will be displaying our materials on our areas of operation.

Firstly, we will be displaying our compilation of judgments and rulings on digital rights cases titled "DIGITAL RIGHTS THROUGH THE CASES" which includes judgments on online expression, data protection & privacy, digital identity, right to be forgotten among others. We will be giving out some copies to IGF attendants for free.

Secondly, we will be displaying our latest research work on DATA GOVERNANCE INTEGRITY AND ELECTION which bothers on how personal data are exploited during elections in most emerging democracies and important recommendations. Some hard copies will be provided and given to IGF attendants for free.

Thirdly, we will also display our brochure which states our areas and modes of intervention within the digital rights' space and benefits that members of the public can derive from our services to protect their digital rights in courts for free.

We will be giving out souvenirs like Flash Drives, Pens and folders among others.