IGF 2022 Village Booth #47 Global Forum on Cyber Expertise


Resources related to cyber capacity building created by the GFCE and its partners, with the focus on educational activities for African cybersecurity stakeholders and community in the regions. GFCE regional liaisons will be present to explain the GFCE regional presence in Africa, the Pacific, Americas and South East Asia.

Materials available at the booth will include flyers (including the latest issue of the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine (co-published by the GFCE, AU, OAS, and EU), infographics and goodies such as pens and notepads. We will also showcase, if accepted, GFCE workshop and open forum held during the IGF.

In addition to promotional material of the GFCE, we will display information pertaining to the Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) in 2023. The booth will be manned at all times, allowing us to engage with the IGF community.