IGF 2022 Village Booth #64 Access Now


Access Now's booth will showcase our latest research reports and advocacy campaigns resonating with the theme of Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future, and offer an interactive experience at the intersection between human rights and new, emerging technologies.

With a focus on safeguarding rights against the increasing digital authoritarianism and control, the booth will focus on thematic issues relevant to both the Africa region and the global IGF2022 themes. The booth's contents will highlight the human rights impacts of digital identification systems, including national ID schemes and SIM card registration mandates. It will also unpack the impacts of internet shutdowns globally, address disinformation and content governance, and explore encryption and data protection, while providing practical tools for governments, private companies, and civil society actors to center human rights in an evolving digital landscape.

We will also preview our upcoming RightsCon Costa Rica event and invite participants into the RightsCon community.