IGF 2022 WS #505 DNS Abuse: Where are we and where do we want to be?

Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (15:00 UTC) - Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (15:30 UTC)
Large Briefing Room

Organizer 1: Mark Datysgeld, Governance Primer
Organizer 2: ARINOLA JULIANA AKINYEMI, DigiSphere Limited
Organizer 3: Mason Cole, Perkins Coie, LLP

Speaker 1: ARINOLA JULIANA AKINYEMI, Private Sector, African Group
Speaker 2: Mason Cole, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Mark Datysgeld, Private Sector, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

Additional Speakers

Lawrence Olawale-Roberts, MicroBoss Technologies, Africa


ARINOLA JULIANA AKINYEMI, Private Sector, African Group

Online Moderator

Mason Cole, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Mark Datysgeld, Private Sector, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)


Birds of a Feather - Auditorium - 30 Min

Policy Question(s)

 Question 1) What are the trends in DNS Abuse and how can the available data be interpreted, considering the different data sources and types of abuse that exist?

Question 2) How can the Internet community effectively collaborate to ensure that abuse rates decrease in a consistent manner?

Question 3) What are the emerging or future issues that are still not extensively debated in the subject of DNS Abuse?

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Connection with previous Messages: This session speaks directly to the IGF 2021’s message under the “Trust, Security, and Stability” heading, which calls for the inclusion of all stakeholders in the “development and implementation of cyber norms”, as well as the need for “Processes need to be based on research and analysis which include these communities”. Furthermore, it touches more broadly on the rights that all should enjoy to having a safe experience online.


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Targets: SDG 9 speaks of the importance of improving and furthering global infrastructure, and the DNS sits at the core of the Internet, which is the enabler of much of the contemporary progress we witness. Without a safe network, the difficulty of guaranteeing other rights is reduced.

DNS Abuse is a theme that has emerged in the last several years as a key issue to the maintenance and ideal operation of the DNS. Discussions intensified in 2019, but the subsequent pandemic slowed down progress, and the need for action remains as real as ever. Now, there is renewed interest in the theme, with it currently being explored from multiple angles, be it from within ICANN (contracted parties, GNSO Council, SSAC) or external parties, such as governments and law enforcement agencies. With the multitude of work streams and parallel discussions being carried out, it becomes difficult for most of the Internet community to keep up with the pace at which the theme develops.

For this reason, this session seeks to bring together those interested in the theme and present questions that have come up as relevant over the course of the extensive work being carried out in the field of DNS Abuse. This session’s premise is to bring key points of concern to the table and allow for different perspectives to be considered, keeping in focus the protection of global users and consumers, who are, at the end of the day, the ones most affected by DNS Abuse. The desired outcome is that the sharing of information between diverse actors will lead to a better understanding of how to advance on the subject, as well as enabling networking opportunities for attendants.


Expected Outcomes

The outcomes of this session will be brought back to the ICANN community for discussion and serve as reference to support future policy work performed on DNS Abuse.

Hybrid Format: The Birds-of-a-Feather format is that it allows for freer, less structured group interactions. This benefits the remote participants greatly, as they can interact synchronously with the session, without the need to wait for Q&A sessions or similar.

Online Participation

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