IGF 2023 Day-0 Events

Below are the Day-0 Events selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Day-0 Events are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety  
IGF 2023 16 Youth participation: co-creating the Insafe network
IGF 2023 23 On how to procure/purchase secure by design ICT
IGF 2023 63 Call for action: Building  a hub for effective cybersecurity
IGF 2023 208 Building Capacity in Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies  
IGF 2023 51 Shaping AI to ensure Respect for Human Rights and Democracy
IGF 2023 134 Talk with Metaverse residents “ a new identity and diversity
IGF 2023 189 Women IGF Summit
IGF 2023 194 Bottom-up AI and the right to be humanly imperfect
IGF 2023 201 Future Network System as Open Platform in Beyond 5G/6G Era
IGF 2023 207 Pursuing a metaverse based on democratic values
Digital Divides & Inclusion  
IGF 2023 18 EQUAL Global Partnership Research Coalition Annual Meeting
IGF 2023 19 Hack the Digital Divides
IGF 2023 84 Agents of inclusion: Community networks & media meet-up
IGF 2023 95 Internet Society's Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)
IGF 2023 108 Financing Broadband Networks of the Future to bridge digital
IGF 2023 161 Towards a vision of the internet for an informed society
IGF 2023 167 Human rights in the digital age from a gender persuaded
IGF 2023 182 Digital Public Goods and the Challenges with Discoverability
IGF 2023 185 The Internet WE Want: Perspectives from the Amazonian Region
IGF 2023 202 Sharing "Existing Practices against Disinformation (EPaD)"
IGF 2023 205 HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station): Internet Access for all from the Stratosphere
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation  
IGF 2023 25 IGF LAC NRI's Space: Fostering Cooperation in LAC
IGF 2023 49 Advancing digital inclusion and human-rights:ROAM-X approach
IGF 2023 52 IGF LAC Space
IGF 2023 59 IGF 2023 NRIs Coordination Session
IGF 2023 76 Can Digital Economy Agreements Limit Internet Fragmentation?
IGF 2023 79 A Global Compact for Digital Justice: Southern perspectives
IGF 2023 82 ICF 2023: Digital Commons for Digital Sovereignty
IGF 2023 112 Global Internet Governance Academic Network Annual Symposium
IGF 2023 133 Aligning priorities for a shared vision on digital policy 
IGF 2023 149 Scoping Civil Society engagement in Digital Cooperation
IGF 2023 192 African Digital Democracy Summit 
IGF 2023 204 Multistakeholder Partnerships Driving Digital Transformation
IGF 2023 206 The DFI: Principles to Action
Human Rights & Freedoms  
IGF 2023 21 Under the Hood: Approaches to Algorithmic Transparency
IGF 2023 105 The Digital Justice House: labour rights and the internet
IGF 2023 191 Strategic Litigation in LATAM on Gender Digital Violence
Data Governance & Trust  
IGF 2023 42 Trusted Personal Data Management Service Program
IGF 2023 107 DNS: Foundation for Safe, Secure and Interoperable Intermet
IGF 2023 142 Consumer data rights from Japan to the world
IGF 2023 193 How to build trust in user-centric digital public services
IGF 2023 196 Leave No One Behind: The Importance of Data in Development
Sustainability & Environment  
IGF 2023 54 Creating Eco-friendly Policy System for Emerging Technology
IGF 2023 177 Transforming technology frameworks for the planet
IGF 2023 203 Building Resilient Infrastructure