IGF 2023 Launch & Awards

Below are the Launch & Awards selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Launch & Awards are listed thematically.

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF2023 39 Launches of the report of Children's Cybersecurity Needs
IGF2023 69 Building a Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behavior
IGF2023 71 Digital Safety and Cyber Security Curriculum
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
IGF2023 27 Education, Inclusion, Literacy: Musts for Positive AI Future
IGF2023 43 Practical Toolkits for AI Risk Mitigation for Businesses
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF2023 143 Unstoppable Together:Digital Grassroots Impact Report Launch
IGF2023 169 Design Beyond Deception: A Manual for Design Practitioners
IGF2023 176 Africa Community Internet Program Donation Platform Launch 
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF2023 9 University Diploma South School on Internet Governance
IGF2023 61 Book presentation: “Youth Atlas (Second edition)”
IGF2023 88 Legitimacy of multistakeholderism in IG spaces
IGF2023 147 Report South-South Cooperation for Harnessing Digitalization
IGF2023 113 ISOC Alumni Network: Empowering Internet Governance
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF2023 30 Promoting Human Rights through an International Data Agency
IGF2023 46 The State of Global Internet Freedom, Thirteen Years On
IGF2023 140 Launch of Fellowship for Refugees on Border Surveillance
IGF2023 159 Digital apologism and civic space: the peruvian case
Data Governance & Trust
IGF2023 144 (Re)-Building Trust Online: A Call to Action 
IGF2023 179 Internet3: An Internet based on 21st Century Principals
Avoiding Internet Fragmentation
IGF2023 8 ISIF Asia 2023 Awards
IGF2023 156 Net neutrality & Covid-19: trends in LAC and Asia Pacific
IGF2023 187 Digital sovereignty in Brazil: for what and for whom?