IGF 2023 Lightning Talk #136 Unlocking Power of Data: AMdEX - A Catalyst for Data Markets

Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (01:20 UTC) - Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (01:50 UTC)
SC – Room H

Data Governance & Trust
Big Data Architecture, Usage and Governance

Auke Pals, KPMG NL, WEOG


Auke Pals, KPMG NL, WEOG

Onsite Moderator

Auke Pals

Online Moderator

Auke Pals


Auke Pals


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Targets: SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure - AMdEX promotes innovation by developing and testing scalable technologies for data markets. It supports the creation of infrastructure that enables efficient and secure data sharing, fostering economic growth and technological advancements. SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions - By addressing concerns surrounding security, privacy, and data ownership, AMdEX contributes to establishing strong data markets. It offers a trusted framework for data exchange, ensuring fairness and reliability. SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals - AMdEX brings together various stakeholders, to collaborate on developing and testing technologies. This partnership approach aligns with the goal of fostering collaborative and inclusive partnerships to achieve sustainable development


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In the Information Age, data has become the world's most valuable resource, driving growth, transformation, and the potential for fairer, more efficient societies. However, less than 1% of all data is effectively utilized, shared, and analyzed due to concerns about security, privacy, data ownership, and the lack of reliable frameworks for data exchange. AMdEX, the innovation fieldlab, provides a groundbreaking solution. AMdEX brings together diverse stakeholders to develop and test trusted, fair, and scalable technologies that facilitate the emergence of data markets. This lightning talk explores the vision and benefits of AMdEX, focusing on its core components. A neutral exchange infrastructure offers reliable data sharing archetypes that technology providers can seamlessly integrate into their products, enabling the creation of robust datamarkets and datatrusts. This infrastructure is designed to be language- and operating system agnostic, allowing users the freedom to choose their preferred IT infrastructure, development platform, or programming model. AMdEX operates as a public facility, fostering collaboration and inclusivity. It is not owned by a select few but serves as a shared resource for all participants. This democratized approach unlocks numerous benefits for organizations and individuals. Attendees of this lightning talk will discover the advantages of AMdEX. Cost savings are achieved as technology providers and datamarkets leverage AMdEX's data sharing archetypes as a service, eliminating the need for significant investments in physical hardware and software. The high-speed nature of AMdEX enables rapid deployment of secure and fair data sharing solutions, surpassing traditional implementation timeframes. By prioritizing innovation over infrastructure management, AMdEX empowers organizations to iterate faster and drive impactful advancements in their respective domains. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of AMdEX in realizing the true value of data. Together, let's harness its power to foster thriving data markets and create a society that benefits from an interconnected and data-driven world.

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