IGF 2023 Lightning Talk #146 Liberating Africa's Water Data

Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (04:20 UTC) - Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (04:40 UTC)
SC – Room H

Data Governance & Trust
Big Data Architecture, Usage and Governance
Data Free Flow

Data Governance & Trust

Code for All
Lorin Carmago, Director, Code for All Mar Marin, Communication Lead, Code for All Mark Renja, Collaboration Coordinator, Code for All


JD Bothma, Head of Product, OpenUp Sihle Makanya, Project Manager, OpenUp

Onsite Moderator

Lorin Carmago

Online Moderator

Mark Renja


Mar Marin



Targets: WaterWazi ties directly with SDG 6 by giving people information on the water quality in their communities and providing activists and civil society with data on water pollution which they can use to advocate for improved water quality (6.3). This data also helps map water-related ecosystems (6.6), and by being open and accessible to everyone at no cost, WaterWazi supports the participation of local communities in improving water and sanitation management (6b).


Lightning talk

Duration (minutes)

How are African communities using water data to keep themselves safe? This lightning talk showcases WaterWazi, a free web-based platform created by Code for All member organisation OpenUp, that combines public, subnational water treatment and sanitation data in Nigeria and South Africa with cartography, geo mapping and drone photography to give ordinary people, civil society and watchdog media the information and insights they can trust and use to hold governments and corporations accountable for the water quality in their communities.

We will facilitate interaction between onsite and online speakers and attendees by alternating between onsite and online participants, as guided by the online and onsite moderators. Our session design seeks to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, and we would like to include accessibility features such as live captioning for both online and onsite participants as well as sign language interpretation for the benefit of Deaf or hard of hearing participants.