IGF 2023 Town Halls

Below are the Town Hall sessions selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Town Hall sessions are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety  
IGF2023 28 The perils of forcing encryption to say "AI, AI captain"
IGF2023 162 How prevent external interferences to EU Election 2024 - v.2
IGF2023 39 Elections and the Internet: free, fair and open?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies  
IGF2023 7 AI, Emerging Technologies and Human Rights
IGF2023 13 Countering Terrorist Use of Generative AI
IGF2023 21 Towards Ethical Principles for Responsible Technology 
IGF2023 25 Let's design the next Global Dialogue on Ai & Metaverses
IGF2023 29 Impact of the Rise of Generative AI on Developing Countries
IGF2023 63 Impact the Future - Compassion AI
IGF2023 165 Exploring the Risks and Rewards of Generative AI
Digital Divides & Inclusion  
IGF2023 61 Beyond development: connectivity as human rights enabler
IGF2023 75 Multilingual Internet: a Key Catalyst for Access & Inclusion
IGF2023 83 Empowering Women in Tech: Insights from EQUALS
IGF2023 150 Criss-cross of digital margins for effective inclusion
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation  
IGF2023 80 How Submarine Cables Enhance Digital Collaboration
IGF2023 128 The International Observatory on Information and Democracy
IGF2023 32 Internet Engineering Task Force Open Forum
IGF2023 170 Multistakeholder Platform Regulation and the Global South
Human Rights & Freedoms  
IGF2023 117 Protect people and elections, not Big Tech! 
IGF2023 39 Elections and the Internet: free, fair and open?
Data Governance & Trust  
IGF2023 91 Dare to Share: Rebuilding Trust Through Data Stewardship 
IGF2023 134 The Digital Knowledge Commons: a Global Public Good?
Avoiding Internet Fragmentation  
IGF2023 74 Internet fragmentation and the UN Global Digital Compact
Sustainability & Environment  
IGF2023 105 Resilient and Responsible AI