IGF 2023 WS #251 Debate platform Cyber Intelligence Umayado for KHN2.


Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
Harmonising Global Digital Infrastructure

Organizer 1: Shingo Hamada, Scenario 25

Speaker 1: Shingo Hamada, Intergovernmental Organization, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Keith Goldstein, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Alexander Kohler, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Shingo Hamada, Intergovernmental Organization, Asia-Pacific Group

Online Moderator

Shingo Hamada, Intergovernmental Organization, Asia-Pacific Group


Shingo Hamada, Intergovernmental Organization, Asia-Pacific Group


Round Table - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

Cyber Umayado, also known as internet politics or digital politics, refers to the intersection of politics and the internet. It encompasses various aspects related to the influence, regulation, and governance of the internet and its impact on society. Cyber Umayado involves discussions and actions surrounding topics such as online privacy, cybersecurity, internet governance, digital rights, freedom of expression, access to information, and the role of technology companies.

What will participants gain from attending this session? Project Cyber Umayado provide audience the membership to work actively as a member candidate of Heijyo-kyo memorial events related to Osaka 2025 Universal Exposition. We can discuss the real events proposal in KHN2 region, and each regional events should take account into specific characters regard to the relation between Heijo-kyo and KHN2. Umayado as its historical character of Polyglot politics, every multi lingual actors and residence in Japan will be encouraged.


In 2020, Japan celebrated the 1300th anniversary of Heijo-kyo, the establishment of the states of Japan itself. On behalf of this 1300th anniversary, Japan has recognized a large scale events such as Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, Osaka 2025 Universal Exposition and Keihanna KHN2 (Kyoto-Osaka-Nara-Nagoya) historical memorial of Heijo-kyo etc. Our team Cyber Umayado engaged in these events, and would like to propose the projects of Netpolitics regard to the IGF 2023, to be held in Kyoto. The motif of Cyber Umayado is trying to provide the platform of congress for scientific debates for aged social class and younger people in cooperation of KHN2 commemorial events. This platform can profit the infrastructure of KHN2, National Diet Library, several R&D actors for NTIC technology in KHN2. We gather the academic experts of URA University Research Administration based in KHN2.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes for IGF2023 by Cyber Umayado are, to make open call in public, to propose the debate platforms subsidiary URA Networks enforcing the SCJ Science Council Japan, especially in the context of life long education of senior generation and younger generation.

Hybrid Format: A round table by several experts held, we propose the tutorial program on Internet, blogs and youtube, Facebook and Twitter, etc. We propose the excursion of KHN2 city and visiting NDL National Diet Library Kansai.