IGF 2023 WS #282 Child Online Safety Workshop and Stakeholders Discussion


Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
Child Online Safety
New Technologies and Risks to Online Security

Organizer 1: Try Thy, Open Development Cambodia
Organizer 2: Dixon Siu, 🔒Fujitsu Limited
Organizer 3: Velislava Hillman, 🔒

Speaker 1: Try Thy, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Dixon Siu, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Velislava Hillman, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Velislava Hillman, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

Online Moderator

Dixon Siu, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group


Try Thy, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Break-out Group Discussions - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

A. What is the role of parents, teachers and policy makers?
B. What is the role of data ethics and privacy by design in protecting the children?
C. How government and ICT company improve digital literacy to protect children and youth from online sexual abuse?

What will participants gain from attending this session? Key takeaways for the children:
- aware of grooming
- gain valuable experiences and confident by working with other children
- make sure their voices reach their parents, teachers and policy makers
Key takeaways for the adult participants and attendees:
- able to listen to the voice of the children and respect their rights
- inspire adult to improve data literacy
- provide insights to solution/service providers and policy makers



First, the facilitator will explain to the participants (roughly 10 youth and children from Cambodia) how to protect themselves from online grooming. Second, we ask the youth to take the lead in discussing among themselves and come up with suggestions to the parents, teachers and policy makers. Third, adult participants (including parents from Cambodia) including the audiences can share their reflections after listening to the youth and children's suggestions. The process triggers discussion among the children themselves and allow the adults to take action to assist the children.

Expected Outcomes

1. children and their circle of trust (parents and teachers) will be able to communicate more openly
2. present evidence to the government and ICT companies that child online safety must be a collaborative work with the children, circle of trust and NPOs
3. we continue to share the workshop template with other communities including indigenous people in Cambodia where the workshop organizer is from

Hybrid Format: We assign one online and two onsite facilitators (Phnom Penh and Kyoto) to ensure the discussion between the online and onsite groups.

Both online and onsite participants can exchange comments freely using Slido. For online participants, we will have a camera and mike capturing the onsite discussion. For onsite participants, we will have a monitor showing the online session. We have been conducting hybrid forum since November 2022 between Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore, Taiwan and Phnom Penh.

We will use Slido for collecting anonymous comments, Miro board for group discussion and Mentimeter for showing dynamic survey results.