IGF 2023 WS #293 Global Digital Compact in Africa: Challenges and Solutions


Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
Harmonising Global Digital Infrastructure

Organizer 1: James Olorundare, 🔒Internet Society Nigeria Chapter
Organizer 2: Adebunmi Akinbo, 🔒DNS Africa Medi and Communications
Organizer 3: Omowunmi Kuye, DNS Africa Media and Communications

Speaker 1: Adenike Osofisan, Technical Community, African Group
Speaker 2: Caleb Ogundele, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 3: Luna Madi, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 4: Rachael Orumor, Private Sector, African Group


Adebunmi Akinbo, Civil Society, African Group

Online Moderator

Omowunmi Kuye, Civil Society, African Group


James Olorundare, Civil Society, African Group


Other - 60 Min
Format description: This is going to be a Workshop structured event where a group of people comes together to learn, collaborate, and actively engage in discussions and activities related to a specific topic or objective. In this case, the topic is "Global Digital Governance and Cooperation in Africa: Challenges and Solutions." Harmonising Global Digital Structure will be discussed vis-a-vis SDGs as they affect African Communities.

Policy Question(s)

• How can affordable internet access be expanded to underserved areas of Africa?
• What measures are needed to harmonize digital infrastructure in Africa?
• How can data protection and privacy laws be developed and enforced in Africa?
• How can digital literacy be improved across Africa?
• How can critical digital infrastructure be protected in Africa?
• How can regulatory frameworks be developed for cross-border digital trade in Africa?
• How can digital technologies be leveraged to promote financial inclusion in Africa?
• How can digital rights and African freedom of expression be safeguarded?

What will participants gain from attending this session? 1.Elicited recommendations for improved GDC and Cooperation based on the submission of the speakers at the workshop
2. Increased cooperation and competition (competition) to sustain an effective and deliberate economic growth and development.
3. Strengthened cooperation among corporate bodies, learning institutions, research organizations, media organizations, governments, and nonprofits.
4. Elicited Solutions from experts discussing the Global Digital Compact and Cooperation within the African Community Context.
5. Improved the African community solutions via discussion bringing organic solutions which are pragmatic for African scenarios
6. Brought improved African context into Global Digital Compact through organic recommendations from African Speakers.


SENDIWSA workshop is a structured event or session where a group of people come together to learn, collaborate, and actively engage in discussions and activities related to a specific topic or objective. In this case, the topic is "Global Digital Governance and Cooperation in Africa: Challenges and Solutions."
The purpose of a workshop is to provide participants with an opportunity to develop skills, solve GDC and Cooperation challenges in Africa by generating ideas, building teams, and making recommendations. To achieve these goals, the workshop will be structured as follows:
i. Each speaker will be given a question or two from the Workshop Questions to discuss for 5 minutes.
ii. The lead presenter will have 10 minutes to open the workshop.
iii. The rapporteur will have 10 minutes to summarize all the recommendations from the workshop.
iv. Participants and other attendees will have 15 minutes to ask questions and contribute.
v. The moderator will have 5 minutes at random to navigate through the workshop.
We hope that this workshop will be a valuable learning experience for all participants. We look forward to your contributions and engagement.
Here are some additional details about the workshop:
The workshop will be held on [date] from [time] to [time] at [location].
The workshop is free to attend, but registration is required.
To register, please visit the IGF Website.
The workshop will be held in English.
It will be a hybrid event.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the Workshop, it is expected that we will come up with recommendations that will help in solving some of the highlighted challenges. These recommendations are expected to be a direction finder for the solutions to the key policy questions enumerated above. Other initiatives are also expected to come up during the Workshop, which will help provide solutions to the listed challenges and concerns. This can also be submitted to the United Nations Consultations when such opportunities present themselves [4]. However, there will be a report published on the SENDIWSA webinar and Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter Websites which will be used to sensitize the community. There will also be a follow-up webinar series.

Hybrid Format: Two moderators will be present at the SENDIWSA Workshop.
The online moderator will be available to answer questions, comments, and observations from online participants.
Zoom, Twitter Space, YouTube Live Streaming, and Facebook Live Streaming will be used to interact with online participants.
E-flyers will be designed and circulated to the target audience and participants before the event.
Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube) will be used for information dissemination before, during, and after the event.