IGF 2023 WS #325 Building a Global Network for a Safe Digital Future


Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
Child Online Safety
New Technologies and Risks to Online Security
Online Hate Speech and Rights of Vulnerable People

Organizer 1: Mariam Jobe, πŸ”’
Organizer 2: Lily Edinam Botsyoe, πŸ”’
Organizer 3: Keith Andere, πŸ”’
Organizer 4: Matthew Watson, USAID
Organizer 5: Manasi Gupta, Huesofthemind Foundation
Organizer 6: Mohammed Zaid, LYBOTICS
Organizer 7: Kelvin Kariuki Mwangi, πŸ”’
Organizer 8: Tom Waiswa, Digital Youth Council by USAID

Speaker 1: Mariam Jobe, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Keith Andere, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 3: Lily Edinam Botsyoe, Technical Community, African Group
Speaker 4: Tom Waiswa, Intergovernmental Organization, African Group
Speaker 5: El Rhdioui Rachida, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 6: Kelvin Kariuki Mwangi, Technical Community, African Group


Manasi Gupta, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

Online Moderator

Mohammed Zaid, Civil Society, African Group


Kelvin Kariuki Mwangi, Technical Community, African Group


Round Table - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

1. How can collaboration between youth networks, such as the USAID's Digital Youth Council and the IGF Youth Track, be leveraged to strengthen collective efforts in achieving a safe digital future?
2. What are the best practices and successful initiatives that have been effective in promoting cyber security and online safety among youth, and how can these be shared and scaled for the goal of building a safe digital future for youth and children?
3. How can youth participate in shaping policies and decision-making processes relating to digital governance and cyber security?

What will participants gain from attending this session? By attending and actively engaging in this session, participants will gain valuable insights, knowledge, and resources that can significantly enhance their understanding and impact in the realm of digital protection, and trust.

This session will delve into the he challenges and complexities surrounding youth digital safety and the critical role of cybersecurity and trust. Participants will acquire knowledge about the latest trends, emerging threats, and best practices in building a safe digital society for children and youth.

It will connect like-minded individuals and even experts from diverse backgrounds and fields and serve as a pathway to building collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing opportunities, fostering a supportive community focused on a safe digital future.

We intend to keep engaged even after the IGF. This will arm us to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a safe digital future, protect children youth from digital harm, and foster trust in the evolving digital landscape.


In this session, we propose a collaborative initiative between USAID's Digital Youth Council and the IGF Youth Track organizing members to establish a powerful network aimed at addressing the shared objective of ensuring a safe digital future for children and youth. Focusing on cybersecurity, cybercrime and online safety, this session seeks to encourage meaningful discussions, share experiences, and explore effective strategies for safeguarding youth and children from digital harm.

The USAID Digital Youth Council is an international network of passionate young people from various backgrounds who work closely with USAID to develop and carry out global digital strategies and actionable approaches for youth. The council members use their skills and experiences to offer USAID valuable insights and recommendations, with a primary focus on supporting improved protection against digital harm.

On the other hand, the IGF Youth Track is a vibrant network of young people who are actively involved in internet governance processes. This group, which was created to provide guidance and inspiration for the IGF youth strategy, works to influence the direction of digital governance by highlighting the particular viewpoints and issues that young people in the digital age have.

This joint session seeks to bridge the expertise and experiences of these two influential youth networks, recognizing the importance of collaboration and coordination in addressing the challenges of the digital era.

Expected Outcomes

The session seeks to:
- Identify common goals
- Share best practices
- Discuss existing and emerging challenges for youth and children in the digital ecosystem
- Foster collaboration between these two networks - USAID Digital Youth and IGF Youth Track
- Establish an action plan on way forward

Hybrid Format: We believe that with high-quality audio and video equipment, reliable internet connectivity, and user-friendly virtual platforms for remote attendees, we will be able to ease a smooth hybrid session.
We will be allocating dedicated time for virtual interventions, allowing online participants to ask questions, provide comments, and participate in the conversation.
Our online moderator will facilitate engagement by monitoring chat discussions, relaying questions to speakers, and ensuring that the online participants' voices are heard and integrated into the session.
Lastly, post-session engagement through online platforms and communities such as Discord can sustain dialogue and collaboration beyond the session, strengthening the network of participants.