IGF 2023 WS #338 Legalities in the Metaverse: Live AI Art & NFT Creation


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
Blockchain, Digital Assets & Web 3-based Ecosystems
Chat GPT, Generative AI, and Machine Learning

Organizer 1: Jakub Wyczik, University of Silesia in Katowice
Organizer 2: Maciej Langer, 🔒
Organizer 3: Justyna Doniec, Jagiellonian University
Organizer 4: Maciej Niezgoda, 🔒
Organizer 5: Wieczerzak Rafał, University of Silesia in Katowice

Speaker 1: Jakub Wyczik, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 2: Maciej Langer, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 3: Justyna Doniec, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 4: Maciej Niezgoda, Private Sector, Eastern European Group


Maciej Niezgoda, Private Sector, Eastern European Group

Online Moderator

Wieczerzak Rafał, Civil Society, Eastern European Group


Wieczerzak Rafał, Civil Society, Eastern European Group


Other - 60 Min
Format description: In our workshop, we will provide a unique and immersive experience by combining live demonstrations and discussions to showcase the practical use of AI, NFT, and metaverse. Speakers will be seated at the side of the screen on which the presentation will be given, and the audience will be placed facing the presentation screen. The workshop will take the form of interaction between the speakers and the audience, both onsite and online. Participants will actively contribute through live polling using platforms such as Mentimeter, shaping the direction of the workshop and influencing the live creation of AI art. In addition to discussing the main topic, the speakers will adapt and respond to the feedback and mental maps of the participants collected by the moderator.

Policy Question(s)

A. How can legal frameworks be adapted to effectively balance the IP protection of an author and the accessibility of the art in the realm of AI-generated art?
B. What considerations should be made in the legal recognition and enforcement of NFTs as digital assets, particularly in the context of cross-border transactions and ownership verification?
C. As we integrate digital assets into the metaverse, what regulations and guidelines should be established to protect users' digital rights, and to promote a secure discrimination-free virtual environment?

What will participants gain from attending this session? Participants will gain a practical and comprehensive understanding of the process of generating AI art, creating an NFT, and implementing it into the metaverse, alongside understanding the intricate legal nuances.

We will guide them step-by-step, demystifying the technical aspects of creating AI-generated art and linking it to an NFT. Furthermore, the live implementation of the NFT into the metaverse will provide participants with experience in integrating digital assets into virtual landscapes, thus enhancing their familiarity with emerging technologies.

Simultaneously, the workshop will underline the legal aspects of these processes, providing crucial knowledge on intellectual property, digital rights, and privacy in this context.

Our workshop will be the beginning of a discussion on the inclusivity of art in virtual space and access to solutions such as NFT or AI, assuming that users from different communities will be able to use the metaverse with only access to a computer and the Internet.


In our workshop, we delve into the complex intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies, specifically focusing on AI-generated art, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and their applications in the expanding universe of the digital world or 'metaverse'.

The workshop unfolds with a practical demonstration of an AI generative system creating a distinctive virtual asset in real time with the active help of the attendees. This interactive, hands-on experience will facilitate an in-depth discussion on the intricate legalities surrounding AI-generated art.

Next, we guide participants through the process of converting our unique AI-produced asset into an NFT. The creation of an NFT offers an ideal opportunity to shed light on various legal considerations such as provenance, ownership, and the management of digital assets.

Following this, we venture into the captivating world of the metaverse, demonstrating the practical implementation of our NFT. This will serve as a springboard for discussing the legal landscape of digital spaces, including the critical aspects of data protection, digital rights, privacy, and potential liability issues.

Our session aims to be highly interactive, encouraging active participation from attendees. We strive to foster an engaging learning environment that breaks down the complexities of legal frameworks around these innovative technologies. This hands-on approach ensures participants gain not just theoretical insights, but also practical know-how, making the legal aspects more approachable and comprehensible.

Through this workshop, we intend to stimulate informed discussions around AI and emerging technologies, equipping participants with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the evolving digital landscape. As these technologies continue to reshape our world, understanding the associated legal frameworks is paramount for ensuring ethical, responsible, and sustainable use. This session serves as a platform for educating and empowering attendees, further fostering a transparent, secure, and legally compliant digital future.

Expected Outcomes

Our workshop aims to deliver tangible outcomes, primarily increasing participants' understanding of the legal implications and technical process of creating AI-generated art, minting NFTs, and implementing them into the metaverse.

We expect participants to leave with a comprehensive understanding of these processes, as well as a deeper awareness of the legal issues tied to these emerging technologies.

As for specific outputs, we plan to publish a comprehensive report summarizing the key insights, discussions, and proposed solutions from our workshop. This will be a valuable resource for all stakeholders, including policymakers, technologists, and artists navigating the AI and NFT landscape.

Additionally, as a follow-up project, we aim to build a platform dedicated to tokenizing art. This platform will significantly benefit young and underrepresented artists, providing them with an inclusive space to create, tokenize, and introduce their artwork into the metaverse, thus fostering broader access and participation in this digital revolution.

Hybrid Format: We will demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to create virtual assets and provide practical insights on implementing these into the metaverse. To ensure maximum engagement, we will:

Facilitating interaction:
1. Utilize a robust videoconferencing platform with integrated chat features and a "virtual hand-raising" system to enable real-time communication and balanced participation.
2. Assign a dedicated moderator responsible for actively monitoring the chat, selecting relevant questions, and ensuring smooth communication between all participants.

Designing the session:
1. Use real-time polls to gather input from attendees on various topics, including generating live AI-based art and gathering opinions on relevant subjects.
2. Create mind maps collaboratively with participants to visualize and share knowledge about the workshop's core concepts.

Complementary online tools/platforms:
1. Utilize Mentimeter or Slido for real-time interaction, live polling, and gathering participant opinions.
2. Encourage ongoing discussions and networking through designated hashtags and social media platforms.