IGF 2023 WS #385 ICTs & SDGs: an overview of international practice


Sustainability & Environment
Digital Technologies to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Organizer 1: Baktybek Batyrkanov, 🔒
Organizer 2: Stepovaya Daria, 🔒International Information Security School
Organizer 3: David Manukyan , International Information Security School,
Organizer 4: Arevik Martirosyan, 🔒Diplomatic Academy of Russian MFA,International Information Security School

Speaker 1: ABRAHAM SELBY, Technical Community, African Group
Speaker 2: Denise Leal, Private Sector, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Speaker 3: Dasig Daniel Jr, Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 4: Stepovaya Daria, Civil Society, Eastern European Group


Arevik Martirosyan, Civil Society, Eastern European Group

Online Moderator

David Manukyan , Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization


Baktybek Batyrkanov, Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Round Table - 60 Min

Policy Question(s)

1. What is the interaction between the Internet and the SDGs?
2. What are the patterns of the influence of the Internet on the achievement of the SDGs?
3. What is a positive impact if any of the Internet on the achievement of the SDGs?

What will participants gain from attending this session? While there are negative impacts of ICTs on sustainability that can be mitigated over time through research and solutions, the effective use of ICTs contributes to each of the 17 identified SDGs in areas ranging from the use of ICTs to inform communities to the promotion of high-level dialogue, collaboration for information sharing, and support for innovative and sustainable ICT projects. This calls for further academic reflection on the relationship between ICTs and the SDGs and for practical cooperation at the national, regional, and global levels on the advanced use of ICTs in a sustainable framework. Thus, the participant will make a significant contribution to ongoing research on the topic in addition to deepening his or her knowledge of the topic.


The COVID-19 pandemic and its multiple impacts have once again demonstrated the importance of the ICT sector. Evidence of this could be seen in the International Telecommunication Union's Connect 2030 Agenda for the Development of Telecommunications/ICTs Worldwide, which highlights how technological advances in the next ten years will help achieve the 17 SDGs faster. "The Connect 2030 Agenda for Global Telecommunication/ICT Development aims to ensure that technological progress will accelerate the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030". In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the main thesis is that the expansion of ICT and the global interdependence of activities can accelerate human progress and close the digital divide. Therefore, the research on how Internet can positively influence achievement of each SDG through a review of specific practices was conducted. And as a result, the research paper, which will be discussed, “Information and communication technologies and the sustainable development goals: a review of practices” has been drafted.

Expected Outcomes

The existing draft research paper will be updated based on the outcomes of the workshop. After the IGF workshop, the international follow-up event will take place to present and discuss the finalized version of the research. And finally, it will be published preferably in Scopus scientific journal.

Hybrid Format: At the beginning of the session, the facilitator will give a quiz on knowledge of the SDGs. After the quiz, the results will be discussed. After that, the moderator will outline the policy question for the discussion, after which the speakers will present their thoughts on it. The moderator will then facilitate discussion between the participants, both online and onsite, to understand the participants' thoughts on the policy questions. This will also be led by the Q&A section. Finally, the moderator will summarise what has been said and close the discussion. After the session, participants will be asked to fill in the Google form with their opinion on the session topic and any additional comments on the topic.