IGF 2023 WS #415 Digital Framework:Efficient Investment onYour Digital Assets


Sustainability & Environment
Digital Technologies to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Organizer 1: Misfer Alghamdi, 🔒Digital Government Authority

Speaker 1: Mactar Seck, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization
Speaker 2: Poncelet Ileleji, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 3: Fatima Talbi, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 4: Ayman El-Sherbiny, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization
Speaker 5: Qusai AlShatti, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Misfer Alghamdi, Government, Asia-Pacific Group

Online Moderator

Maha Al-Khaldi, Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Misfer Alghamdi, Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Tutorial - 30 Min

Policy Question(s)

-How do you ensure that a country is always identifying and enabling digital sustainable investment opportunities ?
-Investing in ICT Building Blocks amplifies the benefits of business and private sector.
-Challenges for digital sustainability are many, what do you think the most pressing one, and explain.

What will participants gain from attending this session? Gain visibility on the digital sustainability journey, it will act as a foundation and accelerator to help other nations to follow the case studies’ footsteps.


The Digital Sustainability Framework provides a Whole-of-Government approach to invest in digital technologies, accelerate digital transformation and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . The framework defines the digital sustainability pillars and dimensions, as well as measuring indicators to track the progress of each of the dimensions. It also provides an enablement process to identify the right investment opportunities through IT rationalization and consolidation and achieve the objectives of the framework, which helps the Kingdom to improve its digital sustainability and progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Expected Outcomes

Guidelines for investment opportunities: The workshop could lead to the development of guidelines for identifying investment opportunities that align with the objectives of the Digital Sustainability Framework. These guidelines could help Global government entities make informed decisions about which IT projects to invest in based on their potential impact on sustainable development.

Hybrid Format: 1-Screen sharing for online speakers through video conferencing tool.
2-Dedicated reader for online chat as to read participations/questions from online attendees.
3-The identified complementary online tools that can be utilized include Zoom or any other video conferencing platforms.