IGF 2024: NRIs Preparatory Process

The NRIs are collaboratively working towards achieving the agreed objectives available in their 2024 work plan, building on last year's work.  

The preparatory process is implemented through a bottom-up, consultative process among all NRIs. This process is usually done through virtual meetings, surveys and open, written consultations through the NRIs mailing list. The final decisions are based on a consensus. 

Meeting Date and Summary Report Agenda Focus 
Virtual Meeting I: 15 January 2024, 14:00 UTC Meeting with the MAG Chair to discuss NRIs-MAG collaboration and finalising IGF 2024 NRIs Work Plan 

*Times for hosting of the NRIs meetings rotate on a monthly basis between earlier (8-12) and later (13-17) UTC hours.

Relevant inputs/outputs and announcements:

  1. IGF 2024 Call for NRIs Grants open until 27 January 2024.
  2. The NRIs main session and NRIs coordination session, as well as the collaborative sessions, will continue to be developed in a bottom-up manner among all NRIs, as per Guidelines for the NRIs sessions. For each session, a focus working group will be formed among NRIs coordinators and other NRIs community members delegated by the NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees. For more information about these sessions, please click on the links below:
  3. NRIs brochure to support engagement with parliaments and governments 
  4. NRIs Compendium produced annually
  5. Youth Engagement at the IGF
  6. Guidelines for NRIs remote hubs 
  7. Collaborative mechanisms between the NRIs and BPFs
  8. Guidelines for the NRIs sessions
  9. Guidelines on how to submit a substantive input for the NRIs sessions

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