Mr. Casasbuenas, Julián

Mr. Casasbuenas, Julián is a Chemical Engineer, graduated from University of America in 1984 - Bogotá Colombia, with more than twenty five years of experience in environmental and information and communication technologies - ICTs. He is a Director of Colnodo, a non-profit organization established in 1993 with the main goal of facilitating the communications, the exchange of information and experiences among Colombian organizations at local, national and international level. Colnodo's strategic programs includes: e-government and e-democracy; Citizenship promotion and participation in the use and appropriation of ICTs; ICTs policies; Research, management and development of ICT knowledge. Colnodo works with three transversal axes: Free and Open Source Software, Gender and Sustainable development. Mr. Casasbueans is a council member of the Association for Progressive Communications - Apc  and  Chair of the Executive Board. He is a member of the Internet Society and Internet Governance Forum Ambassador for the 2007 and 2009 Forum, as well as a member of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus. 

Mr. Casasbuenas has been participating in multiple ICTs events such as the ISOC conferences (1993-1995), Global Internet Governance Forum and their preparatory meetings in Colombia and LAC, Responsible from Colnodo with .CO Internet SAS of the preparation of the Internet Governance Forum LAC preparatory meeting held in Bogotá in 2012, ICANN meetings (2010 Cartagena), Latin American Ministerial Conference on the Information Society (2010 and 2015), Telecenter  meetings in Europe and Latin America.


Co-Author of the chapter “The contribution of Colombian Civil Society Organizations to e-government for the Improvement of Transparency through the Use of Information and Communication Technologies”. Global Strategy and Practice of e-Governance: Examples from Around the World.

Co-Author of the chapter “Colombia Country Report”. Global Information Society Watch 2010. 

Author of the Chapter “Empowering Local Communities, Colnodo Colombia”. Breaking Barriers, The Potential of Free and Open Source Software for Sustainable Human Development. A Compilation of Case Studies from Across the World.