Mr. Douglas, Onyango

Mr. Douglas Onyango is an ICT Consultant and an Internet Governance leader from Uganda. His experience includes managing large ICT Projects and operations in the Telco, government and UN sectors in Africa, as well as Internet Policy work.

He is active in the ICT Policy scene on the continent -- notably contributing to Uganda’s cyber laws and other policies as a founding member of ISOC-Uganda. He has also taken part, as a speaker and panelist, in various Internet Governance meetings and discussions around the continent. Mr. Douglas has also made considerable contributions to the Internet technical community at AFRINIC and ICANN, where he is a member of the Address Supporting Organization ASO. Notably: he authored the regional policy on IPv4 exhaustion within AFRINIC and co-authored a global policy at IANA.  

Currently, Mr. Douglas  an Internet Freedom Expert for Internews, the Vice Chair of ISOC’s Chapter Advisory Council, and a member of the Board of the Network Information Centre of Uganda (NICug). He has also published several ICT policy articles – most recently as a featured author on CircleID.