Mukanova, Ayazhan

Ayazhan Mukanova has extensive experience in developing and ‎delivering ICT policies. She was engaged in a number of digital projects ‎and initiatives in the course of Kazakhstan’s digital transformation. ‎

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As s a Director of International Cooperation Department of JSC "Zerde" ‎National ICT Holding", Ayazhan leads establishment of cooperative ‎relationships with international partners. She has been working in ICT ‎industry since 2014, starting with “National Information Technologies” ‎company, where she was at the origin of the creation of the e-‎government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.‎

In 2017, Ayazhan has contributed to the development of the State ‎Program “Digital Kazakhstan”, which is the fundamental document for ‎the digital transformation of the country. ‎

Her broad expertise in e-government development enabled her to ‎participate at the assessing effectiveness of the websites of Kazakhstan ‎national authorities, which was eventually used a basis for their ‎improvement. ‎

Ayazhan continued to work on the development of e-gov portal of ‎Kazakhstan by actively involving in activities on increasing Kazakhstan’s ‎position in global ICT rankings, which resulted in significant improvement ‎of Kazakhstan’s performance on digital government.‎

Ayazhan has organized a number of forums, conferences and webinars ‎on global and regional level. One of the major events organized by her ‎team was the “Digital Almaty” annual forum in 2018-2020 attended by ‎the heads of government of the EAEU member States, political leaders, ‎leading CEO’s, and international experts in the field of information ‎technology. In particular, Ayazhan has organized several sessions with ‎the United Nations on digitalization for achieving sustainable ‎development. In 2020, Ayazhan successfully organized the UN-‎Kazakhstan high-level joint event in the framework of the 75th session of ‎the General Assembly. ‎

Ayazhan was coordinating the work of the Advisory board on ‎Digitalization in Kazakhstan since 2018, providing a platform for ‎cooperation of state and international bodies. ‎

She has also spoken at a number of national, regional and global events ‎in the field of ICT and digitalization, including Western Balkans Digital ‎Summit (Belgrade, 2019), Incheon Law & Business Forum: Challenges Of ‎Doing Business In The Digital Economy In Asia And The Pacific (Incheon, ‎‎2019), the panel session of Astana Civil Service Hub “Digital Practices and ‎Solutions to Respond to the COVID-19 Induced Challenges in ‎Governance” (Nur-Sultan, 2020). ‎

Ayazhan also has a broad experience with analysis and research of ‎Sustainable Development Goals. As an expert of the working group of ‎the Committee of Statistics of Kazakhstan, she participated in the analysis ‎of SDGs in the course of nationalizing the goals and indicators. In 2018, ‎she has delivered a speech on the progress during the expert group ‎meeting attended by the representatives of UN member states, ‎international institutes such as Asian Development Bank, etc. 

Ayazhan is citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduated from ‎Staffordshire University with a business computing degree.‎