Ndicho Bambo, Samuel

Ndicho Bambo Samuel is a young career diplomat currently working with the Ministry of External Relations in Cameroon as a Foreign Service Officer and has been advancing his knowledge on bilateral and multilateral relations in the diplomatic milieu. 

Apart from being the Service Head with relations with the New Partnerships for African Development (NEPAD), Samuel is an AfriSIG 2016 Scholar and was part of IGF South Africa in 2016. 

Before taking up service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Samuel served as a security and safety agent with Kenya Airways ground staff at the Nsimaleng international airport in Yaounde Cameroon.

With a BSc. in Political Science and a Masters in International Relations, Public Action and Communication, Samuel is currently a student at Law at the University of Yaounde II in Soa and is an Alumni of the prestigious International Relations Institute of Cameroon as well as the Kofi Annan Institute of Ghana.

BAMBO Samuel also serves as a Board Member for Greener Pastures Foundation, a non governmental and non profit organ which aims at combating poverty through the identification and promotion of young talents and leadership qualities in the Cameroonian youth.

BAMBO Samuel has dedicated time to the enhancement of the rights to access to the internet and strongly believes in a multi stakeholder approach in internet governance.