NRIs Main Session

What is the NRIs Main Session hosted at the annual IGF?

The NRIs as a network, are committed to organize a joint, main session at the annual IGF meeting. Collaboration with the members of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) is welcomed while respecting both groups working modalities. The planning process is carried by the NRIs representatives and/or coordinators designated by their multistakeholder organizing committees, in an open, inclusive, transparent and bottom-up manner.

The main objectives of this session, as outlined in the NRIs session Guidelines, are:

  • To contribute to the meeting quality and comprehensiveness by bringing local, national and regional perspectives, challenges and good practices
  • To showcase the diversity among the countries and regions across the world, on matters related to the Internet governance
  • Through joint work over one IGF cycle, the NRIs to continue building firmer sense of community

The main session engages NRIs from different regions. Its format is interactive and dialogue-based. The session is interpreted to six UN languages and transcribed. So far, five NRIs main sessions were hosted in Mexico at IGF 2016, Switzerland at IGF 2017, France at IGF 2018, Germany at IGF 2019 (see image left) and online during IGF 2020. The sixth NRIs main session will be hosted in Poland in the framework of IGF 2021 cycle. As with all NRIs main sessions, its topic and overall format planning is based on the received inputs from the NRIs public call for inputs that concluded early in 2021, as well as the 2020 key policy outputs from NRIs annual meetings and 2021 NRIs policy agendas. The decision is made on a consensus basis by the NRIs.

Planning the NRIs Main Session at IGF 2021 

The planning of the NRIs Coordination Session at the 16th annual IGF in Katowice, Poland is underway.

Who is planning the session? The session is planned by the NRIs network through the NRIs focus working group composed of NRIs coordinators and representatives designated by the NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees. One NRIs can have more than one designated representative, should the committee decides so. The IGF Secretariat's NRIs Focal Point needs to be informed about this decision by the NRIs coordinator. The Focal Point will then subscribe designated representatives, as members of the NRIs main session focus working group, to the mailing list. As soon as it is formed, members of the NRIs main session focus working group will be made available on this page.

How it is planned? The planning is done through regular (bi)monthly meetings over a dedicated mailing list. The group's advice is brought to the attention of the entire NRIs network via the NRIs mailing list for final endorsement. The NRIs mailing list is open to everyone to subscribe and is the best way to stay informed about all NRIs-related activities.

Can anyone join the work? The IGF is an open and friendly collaborative space for everyone. Observers are most welcome to join the working group by approaching the IGF Secretariat with a request. However, the decisions are made by the NRIs-designated representatives.

What is the NRIs Main Session topic and format? In an open, consultative manner, the NRIs are planning their main session to be hosted at the 16th annual IGF meeting.

10 December 2021, 13:50-15:20 CET

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet in times of crises

The session will develop around the following digital policy aspects:

  • The Internet in times of crisis: lessons learned and policy imperatives for enhancing access, resiliency and inclusion
  • Ways forward: from what should the Internet recover and how? (possible aspects to bring in: security online; connectivity and access, digital rights and freedoms etc.)

This will be an interactive exchange of concrete inputs from local levels on the subject focus. It will reflect regional balance amongst speakers and allow enough time for exchanges with all participants. 

Next steps: IGF Secretariat to confirm who will delegate speakers online or onsite. Based on that, the session flow will be designed.

The session would limit time for formal interventions and reserve time for the open floor discussion. 

The NRIs main session vividly illustrates diversity that exists among countries and regions across the world, on matters related to Internet governance. It points to related challenges and potentials, and inspires digital cooperation. As such, it stands in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).