Okutani, Izumi

Izumi Okutani performs Policy Liaison in Japan Network Information

Center (JPNIC), a National Internet Registry (NIR) managing the internet number resources in Japan.

Izumi has over thirteen years of expertise in coordination with IP address communities in Japan and wider Asia Pacific region on IP address management policies, including policies for IPv4 transfers, management of legacy space and IPv6 address distributions.

She has good understandings of issues surrounding the status of IPv6 deployment, CGNs, as well as deployment of other technologies which are based on the use of number resources such as RPKI as a part of her role.

Through her participation in forums such as JPOPM, JANOG, APNIC, APRICOT, ARIN, NANOG,RIPE,ICANN, which vary geographically and in its participant groups、Izumi is familiar with the mechanisms of each of these communities, what they value, as well as current topics under active discussions for each forums, with comprehensive views on IP address policies, domain name policies, and operational discussions topics.

She works closely with communities both within Japan and globally:

• She has built relationships with NIRs in the APNIC region through her role as NIR SIG(*) Chair in the APNIC forum from 2005 to 2013.

(*) Special Interest Groups for National Internet Registries

• She is member of Program Committee of ISOC-JP Chapter as well as serving as Co-Chair of ISOC Advisory Council from 2013.

• Izumi is a member of i18n team for the coming JANOG meeting which supports the internationalization of JANOG, Japan Network Operators’Group.

• She is and will be actively participating in the review of IGF Bali in Japan, with participants from various stakeholder groups including government, civil society, private sector and the technical community.