Paque, Virginia

Ms Virginia (Ginger) Paque was born in the United States, but lived in Venezuela for more than 35 years. An educator and administrator by profession, her work as the Venezuelan member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations Task Force on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) brought her into the world of Internet governance (IG) during the Geneva Preparatory Committees (PrepComs). She has been active in every IGF, starting with her first experience in Athens in 2006 as a Diplo fellow, upon finishing the Diplo Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP). She has attended some meetings in person, and others using remote participation. She is active in Civil Society discussions on IG, and served as IG Caucus co-coordinator for two years.

She is currently the Internet Governance Capacity Building programme (IGCBP) director for DiploFoundation, enjoying the opportunity to extend online capacity building programmes to developing countries in different languages. She recently completed her Master in Contemporary Diplomacy with a thesis on the importance of IG as a new diplomatic priority. She has strong links to civil society IG in Latin America and the Caribbean, from 38 years living in Venezuela, and with Africa through the IGCBP.