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PNE Multistakeholder Working Group

About the Multistakeholder Working Group (MWG)

Within the Policy Network on Environment there is a Multistakeholder Working Group (MWG) of experts which ‎supports transforming community’s expressed views into concrete actions, such as outputs and actionable next steps. ‎The main goal of the MWG is to publish a report by December 2021 containing concrete, actionable policy recommendations, to be presented and discussed at the IGF 2021 in Katowice, Poland. During the next six months, the PNE aims to use the work on this report and our collective weight of the group as a lever of influence to raise the profile of the issue.

Update on Work

The Working Group is organized into workstreams on different focus topics. Learn more about our work in our Statement of Action.

Members of the PNE Multistakeholder Working Group 

Ado Lõhmus

Government of ‎Estonia, Ministry of ‎the Environment

Specialised ‎diplomat at the UN ‎Representation in ‎Nairobi, Permanent ‎Representative of ‎Estonia to the ‎UNEP 

Andrew Zolli


Director Global of Impact initiatives ‎and Ethics
Ayman Elsherbiny

UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

ICT Policies Section
Adil Suleimani (interim)

Senior Policy Officer, AU Commission, African Union

Daniel Akinmade ‎Emejulu

Microsoft Corporation

Program ‎Manager, UN Affairs

David Jensen

UN Environment ‎Programme

Head of ‎Environmental ‎Peacebuilding
Ilias Iakovidis

European ‎Commission  

DG-CNECT’s ‎Adviser, Green ‎and Digital ‎Transition 
Jacob Malthouse, 

‎Foresight ‎Cleantech ‎Accelerator

VP Business ‎Development 

Joan Carling

Indigenous Peoples ‎Major Group for ‎Sustainable ‎Development

Convenor and environment and ‎indigenous rights ‎defender
Joyce Chen


Senior ‎Advisor for Strategic ‎Engagement and IGF MAG member

Karen Bakker

University of British ‎Columbia Program on Water ‎Governance

Research Chair and ‎Director 

Kathryn Sforcina 


Head of Global Strategy;

Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, Non-Executive Director 
Richard King 

Chatham House

Senior Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources Programme
Selamyhun ‎Adefris

‎Government of ‎Ethiopia, Ministry ‎for Innovation and ‎Technology

Director ‎General for ‎Innovation ‎Development and ‎Research
Tereza Horejsova ‎


Project ‎Development ‎Director  and IGF MAG member

Verena Weber 


Head of the ‎Communication ‎Infrastructures and ‎Services Policy Unit
Yoichi IIDA, ‎Deputy  ‎Government of ‎Japan, Ministry of ‎Internal Affairs and ‎Communication

Director-‎General for ‎G7/G20 Relations
Youssef Nassef  

UN Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Przemysław Typiak, Internet Governance and Digital Dialogue Unit

Digital Policy Departement

Chancellery of the Prime Minister (Poland)

David Oehmen

UN Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Associate Programme Officer, Adaptation Division
How has the Working Group come about?

Careful research has been carried out to ‎globally map the stakeholders that could be members of the working group. It has mapped the stakeholders ‎on regional and international scene that deal with the intersections between environment and ‎digital technologies, in collaboration with relevant helpdesks and observatories. A contact ‎database has been built. Among these contacts, those having the strongest work focus and ‎achieved impact and results have been invited to be members of the above-described working ‎group. All others are informed about the work and invited to contribute to the ‎consultation processes and other mechanisms established by the working group (e.g. including ‎providing feedback to the draft output document produced by the working group).‎

The PNE multistakeholder working group will closely collaborate with the members of the IGF's Multistakeholder Advisory Group and its Chair; networks of Dynamic Coalitions; National, Regional and Youth IGF initiatives; Best Practice Forums and all other interested stakeholders.

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