Sakalova, Marianne

During the past 6 years, after her graduation from Diplo's Internet governance course, Marianne has been actively working for advocacy and civil society awareness rising on Internet governance issues in Belarus. 

She is a senior analyst at, expert on e-government at School of Young Managers in Public Administration (Belarus), consultant on Internet-related policies at Legal Transformations Center (Belarus), member of Belarusian business e-Delegation, and lecturer at European college of liberal arts in Belarus (course on Internet history). To inform Belarusian public on IG process, she has organised round table discussions (within the framework of e-Belarus and Legal Transformations Center activates), public lectures (within the framework of Legal transformations Center activities), and conducted workshops (the resent one was for National Youth Council on freedom and security online). 

She has published numerous articles on Internet and IG in Belarus. She has also spoken at numerous national and international conferences.