Summary of Second IGF 2020 MAG Meeting Day 3 (19 June)

On the third and final day of the Second IGF 2020 MAG meeting, the MAG reached consensus on seven main sessions for this year’s conference. One or two more may be added, pending further discussions. The seven sessions agreed to are:

  • Main sessions on each of the four thematic tracks (data, environment, inclusion, trust)
  • A session on the IGF and Internet governance-related aspects of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation
  • Role of the Internet in Emergency Situations - a session led by the National, Regional and Youth IGFs (NRIs
  • COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on work of DCs - a session led by the Dynamic Coalitions

The MAG also agreed to the next steps for organizing the first ever all-online IGF:

  • The MAG will hold a call on 30 June to review format options for the virtual IGF 2020, with a view to being able to finalise the format and announce the dates of the virtual IGF by the end of July.
  • Workshop proposers will be asked to resubmit, outlining how they will adapt their sessions to the virtual format. They will be provided with some details of what it will mean to hold a session in an all virtual context. Those who have requested other types of sessions will be asked to confirm that they still want to be considered, and then, if they are approved, will also have to submit their plans for converting to virtual format.
  • During the MAG’s call of July 14, the MAG will take on board the responses by proposers to help shape the final program for IGF 2020.

Summaries of the first and second days of the MAG meeting, as well as the first and second days of Open Consultations are also available. Archives of the Second IGF 2020 Open Consultatios and MAG meetings, include documents discussed, videos of the meetings, and transcripts, are also available.