Tiku, Saba

Saba Tiku is a young advocate for digital transformation with a background in Electronic Communication ‎Engineering. She is the founder and coordinator of the Ethiopian Youth IGF and a Generation Connect ‎Youth Envoy at the ITU. Saba's passion lies in promoting digital transformation, Internet governance, ‎online safety, and empowering young people to shape the future of ICTs in Africa. As the 2022 IGF ‎global youth ambassador for the Internet Society, she mentors and coordinates youth initiatives, ‎contributing to internet governance awareness. Saba is currently a mentor for the 2023 youth ‎ambassadors at the Internet Society and a facilitator at the Pan-African Youth Ambassadors for ‎Internet Governance (PAYAIG) Fellowship. With a focus on bridging the digital divide and leveraging ‎technology for sustainable development, Saba has actively engaged in the IGF youth tracks, policy ‎networks, various public consultations, and research projects. Her engineering background provides a ‎unique perspective on the transformative power of the Internet and technology. In Ethiopia and ‎beyond, Saba strives to drive Internet governance, digital inclusion, and utilize technology to achieve ‎sustainable development goals.‎