Wagner, Flávio

Professor Wagner is one of the three representatives of the academic sector in the Board of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br). He is Full Professor for Computer Science at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he is also Director of the Science Park. He has been the President of the Brazilian Computer Society (the scientific association gathering Brazilian researchers in the field) in two terms and has already served as an Advisor for the National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq). He is a member of the Board of CGI.br since 2008.

Professor Wagner has actively engaged with IGF, ICANN and the Brazilian Internet (pre-IGF) Forum. In ICANN he is a member of the Non Commercial User Constituency (NCUC) and the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG). During the NETmundial process, he served the community as one of the members of the Multi-stakeholder Executive Committee.