Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG) Webinar II

Saturday, 18th September, 2021 (16:00 UTC) - Saturday, 18th September, 2021 (17:00 UTC)
About this Session

Facilitated by YCIG

Open guided discussion on: Governance and Cooperation for an evolving Internet; Good practices from the BPF on Gender and Digital Rights; The role of youth in policy making processes. The goal is to bring the the discussion of these topics to young people from around the world, in order to share the outcome (YCIG Charter for Inclusive IG Ecosystem and Digital Cooperation) on various platforms, beginning with the YCIG website, with IGF intersessional work streams, and more.

Featured speakers: Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond (DC Core Internet Values), Speaker from BPF Gender (TBC), and Carolina Rojas (Science Policy Interface - SPI)

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