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Ho, Bianca Caroline

Formerly JP Morgan banker and now a young entrepreneur., Bianca Caroline Ho is the Director of International Relations of DotKids Foundation, she works with over 80 international members of the global children rights community who envision building a children-friendly Internet. As an active participant of the IGF, she also has extensive linkages with youth groups, e.g. Danish IGF and Childnet. 

After attending the IGF 2009 meeting, Bianca has brainstormed and spearheaded the pioneering creation of a Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF), to educate youth to optimize their meaningful IGF participation. YIGF has since been a crucial part of the APrIGF, and has come to its 5th year. She also serves as secretariat of Engaging [email protected] Working Group, which was established to follow-up the suggestions of Workshop173 at IGF 2014 in conjunction with Youth Coalition of Internet Governance. She is very familiar with the issues of Internet Governance as a trainer for next generation and as practitioner for children rights advocacy in her role in DotKids Foundation. 

Bianca has attended 5 IGFs in the past, and has participated progressively as a participant, panelist, moderator and workshop host. She served as the Secretariat for the 1st Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF).

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