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IGF 2017 Online Participation

Please, check the scheduled time and Room number for your session at (also in your mobile)

In order to ask for the floor, please use the following registration details when joining the virtual meeting:

Your name: [current-user:profile-given-name] [current-user:profile-family-name]

Email address (will not be published): [current-user:mail]

To join the virtual meeting, use the following links to participate live from your device, connecting to the audio session using your Internet Connection. Alternatively, you can call +44-203-478-5289 (Toll) and use the Access Code next to the link in order to connect.

Room XVII / Assembly Hall Meeting Number: 953 900 798    

Room IX Meeting Number: 848 823 573   

Room XI Meeting Number: 842 439 204

Room XII Meeting Number: 841 233 990

Room XXI Meeting Number: 849 940 430

Room XXII Meeting Number: 840 658 685

Room XXIII Meeting Number: 843 495 561    

Room XXIV Meeting Number: 840 518 040   

Room XXV Meeting Number: 845 256 136   

Room XXVI Meeting Number: 844 097 899   

Room XXVII Meeting Number: 849 959 588   


Contact Information

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igf [at] un [dot] org
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