IGF 2017 WS #147 Beyond the next gig: Unpacking development, rights and economic futures in the age of platforms

Short Title: 
Beyond the next gig: Unpacking Platforms

Proposer's Name: Ms. Deepti Bharthur
Proposer's Organization: IT for Change
Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Nicolo Zingales
Co-Proposer's Organization: Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility
Dr.,Deepti,BHARTHUR,Civil Society,IT for Change
Dr.,Nicolo,ZINGALES,Civil Society,Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

Additional Speakers: 

Vahini Naidu, South African Permanent Mission, Geneva



1. Context setting: 25 minutes

Speakers will briefly address the issues outlined in the session description, drawing upon their respective work in the areas of data, platforms, digital labour and regulatory and governance issues.

  • Introductory remarks by Anita Gurumurthy (moderator) 5 mins
  • Lightning talks by speakers (4 x 5) 20 mins
    • Viviana Munoz Tellez, will examine key policy challenges in the area of furthering right to knowledge and right to development in the context of platformisation
    • Mark Graham, will discuss the emerging digital work and enterprise models in the platform economy.
    • Luca Belli, will discuss the need for platform regulation through an examination of the ‘Terms of Service’ framework.
    • Anita Gurumurthy, will outline the sweep of issues concerning platform governance and frame the geo-political context of platformization.
    • Vahini Naidu, will comment on how issues of platform economy are being constructed /deliberated upon in global trade talks and policy venues.

2. Brainstorming exercise: 15 mins

In this activity, the attendees will respond to the lightning talks and contribute questions on platform economy through post-its which will be put on a bulletin board. Online questions will also be collated in a similar manner.

3. Open floor discussion: 40 mins

Aided by facilitation from the moderator, panelists will engage with the questions generated through the brain storming exercise. Audience members will also be able to respond, comment and raise counter questions.

4. Concluding remarks by panel: 5 mins


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