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IGF 2019 Village: Call for Booths

During the annual IGF meeting, interested stakeholders can display or distribute relevant information about their IGF-related activities at the IGF Village. The IGF Village consists of display booths and is located in the meeting venue area.

The booths are non-commercial in nature. They are free of charge, and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with respecting a balance of stakeholder and regional diversity. The total capacity of the IGF Village is limited, subject to available space at the meeting venue.

The call for stakeholders to apply for a booth slot at the IGF 2019 Village is open until  14 April 2019, 23:59 p.m. UTC.  Please submit your requests through this form.

All requesters will be contacted upon finalization of internal logistics. For any questions, contact the IGF Secretariat at: igf[at]un[dot]org.

Contact Information

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