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Regional IGF Initiatives

Regional and sub-regional IGFs are organized by a multistakeholder organizing teams from different regions. In most of the cases, the criteria around which the regional classifications are developed, is geographical location. Depending on the size of the mapped area, they are classified as regional and sub-regional. 
The overall objective of these IGFs is to create a unique space where different stakeholders from the region can discuss issues pertaining to the Internet, reflecting the need of their respective communities. It facilitates exchanges of the experiences and ideas between stakeholders from the region and contributes to a better engagement of the mapped communities amongst themselves, but also with the global IGF.

Below table shows the current record of the existing regional and sub-regional IGFs.

Regional IGF Initiatives (19)

Name About Annual Meeting Information Annual Meeting Report
African IGF (AfIGF)

AfIGF hosted its first regional, annual IGF meeting in 2012.

The main objective of this regional IGF is to provide a platform for an inclusive multilateral, multistakeholder and multilingual discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet in Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular. 

22-24 November 2021
Arab IGF Arab IGF was established in 2012.  
It aimes to create a multistakeholder platform to discuss all public policies issues related to Internet governance, especially the issues raised in the "Internet Governance Forum" with the aim of achieving the international governance and management of the Internet and promoting the Internet access, security, stability and development. 
TBC 2021  
Asia Pacific IGF (APrIGF)

APrIGF was convened in 2010 year.

The core objective is to raise awareness and encourage participation from relevant stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, as well as to foster multi-lateral, multi-stakeholder discussion about issues pertinent to the Internet in Asia.

27-30 September 2021,
hybrid meeting hosted in Kathmandu, Nepal
Central Africa IGF (CA-IGF)

CA-IGF was established inn 2009 year.

The major objective is to review the pressing issues related to Internet governance. The Forum brings together all stakeholders of this respective region, to present different experiences specific to this sub-region, as well as to take stock of the progress and map the gaps in the integration process of Internet as an engine for development.

TBC 2021
Central Asia IGF (CAIGF)

CAIGF was organized in 2016 year.

The main purpose of the Forum is the creation of a public platform for the discussion of relevant policies regarding Internet governance in Central Asian sub-region. 

TBC 2021

Caribbean IGF (CIGF)

CIGF was organized in 2006 year.

The overall objective of this regional IGF is to establish a unique forum space and to engage stakeholders in the development of appropriate policies and structures for Internet governance (IG) in the Caribbean region.

TBC 2021
Commonwealth IGF Initiative inactive. The last meeting was hosted in 2012 (report).
East Africa IGF 

EA-IGF was convened in 2008 with a participation from five countries: Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The Forum aims at creating a Community of Practice that will build a sustainable foundation for meaningful participation of East African
stakeholders in Internet public policy debates at the national, regional and international level.  

29-30 July 2021,
hosted online
European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)

EuroDIG is created in 2008 by several different stakeholder groups.

The main aim of EuroDIG is to promote the engagement of Europeans in multistakeholder dialogue in order to share their expertise and best practice and, where possible, identify common ground. This enables EuroDIG to pull together national perspectives and to apply and shape European values and views regarding the Internet.

28-30 June 2021,
hosted online


IGF Latin American and Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting for the IGF (LACIGF)

LACIGF was organized in 2008. 

The aim of the Forum is to help identify relevant and priority topics for Latin America and the Caribbean to be considered and discussed at the regional and global level. A complementary goal is to promote the regional community's participation in relevant global debates, thus bringing discussions closer to the region.

TBC 2021,
Hosted Online

Macao IGF
(Status Pending)

Sub-regional IGF of Macao was established in 2016 year. 

Through communication and exchange ideas, Macao IGF obtains different angles of view on Internet governance, in order to foster building and maintaining an eternal network development of this respectful region.

TBC 2021
Pacific IGF

The Pacific sub-regional IGF was organzied in 2017. 

The Forum serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration of Internet Governance issues in the Pacific region.

The stated objective is to contribute to improving regulatory and technical capabilities of member countries, specifically with enlightened involvement in the governance of the Internet

6-11 September 2021,
Suva, Fiji
North Africa IGF

North African IGF was officially inaugurated in 2017.

Its mission is to create a unique platform for the respective community of this region to discuss the issues pertaining to the Internet governance.

10-13 November 2021,
Tangier, Morocco
Persian IGF Initiative inactive.
Southern Africa IGF (SAIGF)

SAIGF was convened in 2012 year.

It aims for fostering the engagement of the community members in a discussion on Internet governance. 

TBC 2021  
South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG)

SEEDIG was established in 2015 year.

It creates a space for an open, inclusive and informal dialogue on Internet governance issues between stakeholders from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.

 TBC September 2021, Chisinau, Moldova as an online or hybrid meeting
West Africa IGF (WAIGF)

WAIGF is a project established in 2008 year, that gathers around eight countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Togo.

It aims to promote Internet Governance issues in this region through a multi-stakeholder process.

28-30 July 2021, 
Bamako, Mali

Hong Kong IGF

The Hong Kong sub-regional IGF was established in 2019.

Its core objective is to provide a dialogue platform for the multistakeholder community to address issues related to Internet Governance and facilitate the exchange of opinions.

TBC 2021  
Quebec IGF

The Quebec IGF was recognized in 2020.

Bringing together on an equal footing the different communities that are stakeholders in the Internet, FGI Québec aims to facilitate a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and support those who have decision-making power in the public and private sectors to face the risks and challenges that arise.

TBC 2021,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Southeast Asia IGF

The Southeast Asia IGF was recognized in 2021.

The forum's primary goal is to facilitate equitable and constructive dialogue among the various representatives and shaping debate within the relevant decision-making stakeholder at the regional level.

1-2 September 2021,
Bali, Indonesia

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In case you would like to organize a regional or a sub-regional IGF or to engage in any of the existing ones, please contact the IGF Secretariat.

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